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Current Weekly Horoscope · Past Weekly Horoscopes . Skip to your Zodiac Horoscope Sign: Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra The fact is, as February will show you, every single person within the wider group or .. Leo, you have had 8 years to try different ways to get your message across and.

Get expert help whenever you need it. A brilliant aspect between the Sun and a series of other planets, places hurdles in your path. Life is like an obstacle-course featuring traps for the unwary but big prizes for the winners. Long-distance journeys are strongly signified by the Moon.

You may be misunderstood. However, your strength at the moment lies in repairing the damage left by people who have no control over their feelings.

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Spending or saving plans could provide the catalyst for a lively exchange of views. But, then, if you get financial concerns sorted out, emotional strains will be eased.


What a dull old world it would be if everyone agreed all the time. A frank exchange of views is inevitable, but do try not to fly off the handle or take everything too personally! One word of advice: take steps to get into tip-top physical form.

Here is your horoscope for October 8, 12222

Lunar alignments anchor you to reality, but those of you pursuing romantic adventures may be swept off your feet. In spite of a general argumentative atmosphere, the chances of a very pleasurable windfall are much higher then average! Take your chances!

The Super Full Moon brings things into focus. How does this affect you, exactly? How does it not? As a humanitarian, you are being asked to stretch another inch. Your words have power. They can balance and heal. There is so much to take in, especially when it comes to communication! Money is your motivator. Choose wisely.

What's in the stars for the week ahead?

Wrapped around the holiday glow is a Super Full Moon. Relationships, especially those most significant like marriage, are the focus. The Super Full Moon is steeped in the light through your window.

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It influences sleep and your dreams. The balance comes in taking care of your needs on a surface level.

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If work takes too much out of you, take a walk, breathe, and revitalize with the holiday. The amount of courage Leos have is astounding. This is no less true during the Super Full Moon. The Sun is in your sector of love, romance, creativity—and of children. Perfect for the holidays! The Full Moon can balance your act, affecting groups and meetings.

Horoscope December 8, 2018: Take a look at the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

The Moon is in a tricky sign, not thought-compatible with yours. Luckily you have a shared rulership with Mercury, which tells it like it is.

It brings an awareness with the light of consciousness now on full power. An expanded way of sharing and communicating brings dividends and rewards in your career. So much has been happening.